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The New Los Angeles Theatre Company Catering to Everyone's "Bucket List"

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"Thanks for this evening. The show is genius. Hilarious. Everyone is especially gifted and super accomplished (the notes you all hit and sustain!) Incredible show. Must-see! Thank you." - Kelli Maroney

"Had a great great time seeing this show in LA at night. Leave the kids (and maybe the parents) at home, but definitely catch Jesse Merlin and the rest of the talented cast if you can." - Clark Collis

"Do not miss this show!!! Hilarious show and fantastic cast!!!! Bravo and congratulations!!!" Ros C.

"It was fantastic. The entire cast was wonderful and I laughed my head off. Such a great show." - Jon M.

"Hilarious and wonderfully done!" - Leda S.

""A great, hilarious, perfect show" - Amy D.

"Silence! was amazing! Great job and best of luck to the cast and crew for the rest of your run!" - Abigail H.


"Going to be in or around LA between now & Nov 3rd? Treat yourself to SILENCE! The Musical. SO Good! Smart. Funny. Clever.
I may have to come back again before it closes." - Peter R.


"Silence! was extremely good, and I’m going again. I urge you to do the same. @bucketlistshows did an incredible job opening night."

- Lauren C.


"Alot of fun!!! I had such a good time!!!" - Kato D.

"Hilarious musical adaption." - Peter M.

"I had the best of times and laughed SO hard. Had me laugh crying." - Jason L.

"We llaughed our asses off!" - Rod H.

"Such a wonderful and entertaining show last night! So many moments I laughed my butt off. The whole cast is so perfect and I loved the choreography." - Dahlya G.

"I LOVED IT!! Comedic timing is soooo perfect...the whole cast is so spot on and talented. Amazing work." - Stacee W.

"It was awesome. If you get the chance go to Bucket List Theatre and see it...I give this day a 10/10." - Bryce R.

"Marty and I went to see Silence! The Musical last night with Ray and Ahzriel, and it was everything I hoped it would be! The cast was fantastic, the staging was creative, stage dressing and props we're limited only to the absolute necessities, and it worked beautifully. Jesse Merlin as Hannibal Lecter... there couldn't have been better casting. Do not miss it! I went to bed last night humming the music for "If I Could Smell Her Cunt", and I'm not ashamed to say it." - Becky R.


"Great show, great night! Go see it!" - Juliet C.


"SILENCE! The Musical was fantastic. I've always had a complicated relationship with the source material, so it was refreshing to see it tackled with both humor and a twisted respect. Jesse Merlin's Hannibal (sneering "I know you are, but what am I?" for example) was so satisfying considering how the character has been built up over the years. Maybe I'm just in a mood but it's just plain FUN to see a character like Hannibal poked fun at like this. Everyone was excellent, but Amanda Conlon was soooooo amazing as Clarice! She had to balance so much, often serving as the straight man to some ridiculous situations, and having to sit there with a blank face while Hannibal sang about wanting to sniff her ... ahem. Anyways. I really appreciate how they conveyed the overwhelming misogynistic world Clarice finds herself in. They never let you forget it, at every turn, every man she meets. This wore me down when I read the books, but the musical managed to find the right balance. The ensemble of singing lambs was brilliant. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this musical, and I'm delighted I went." - Orange G.

"Amanda Conlon takes us on a hilarious musical journey into the hell known as online dating. The music is familiar but the lyrics are all hers.

I laughed out loud as did the woman next to me till she cried “This is my life right now!” - Jennifer Ashe/Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative

"The story was so relatable and well-written. LOVED this show. Bucket List Theater is definitely a group that delivers!" - Sofie K.


"Excellent show, great writing. Extremely enjoyable and entertaining. The musical parodies are clever and compelling. All musical parody

shows should take note of this production...a wonderful treat." - Chris L.


"I didn’t know watching real life stories from online dating could be so fun and enjoyable! Loved the clever use of familiar songs...allowed the audience to enjoy and be surprised with the clever ways lyrics were rewritten or repurposed. The ensemble was wonderful and I’d recommend anyone go see this show if they’re looking for a good time!" - Jessica V.


"Superior, perceptive comedy about dating. I would like to see a sequel." - Michael D

"Online dating angst mixed up with charming innocence, joie de vivre and optimism make an endearing plea for LOVE (not LUV). The sparkling cast supports the marvelous Amanda Conlon on a 50 minute joyride." - Shaw S.


"SO well written. I loved how she used classic musical theater songs to tell her story. Brilliant. Everyone around me, including myself, was laughing and enjoying themselves. So, so well done. I haven’t stopped talking about this show since I saw it. Hilarious. Smart. Brilliantly written and performed. I could have watched it for hours." - Cassidy D.

"From beginning to end the show was rock solid. It was hilarious, as quick witted as it was quick paced. For anyone who has dated in the modern age, this is a must see." - Jason L.


"This show is a delight! musical theatre loving heart exploded into a thousand comedy and tragedy mask emojis. This show is completely silly and totally feels sincere and that is a fantastic combo! If there is an award for an amazing ensemble I nominate these guys. Amanda is a gem...the ensemble involvement tight, consistent, dynamic and really made this feel authentic." - Bonnie S.

"I had no idea that I would enjoy this show as much as I did! It was very funny, topical, and creative." - Nathaniel B.


"Lots of charisma with this cast. Super funny with strong lyrics, it’s one of my favorite musicals at the Fringe. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling throughout. Super fun show!" - Spencer F.


"Go see this show! Hilarious and incredibly clever, Amanda Conlon has managed to create something entirely relatable, funny and feel-good! Great cast and a fun show! This show is a hit! I had a blast!" - Sarah L.


"An absolute must must see! So creative and funny and charming and had me in tears by the end. I loved it in every way! Hilarious! Very talented cast and writing! Loved!!" - Anonymous Certified Reviewer


"The star is charming, the supporting cast is top-notch and the material is oh so timely. This was a feel-good show that left me smiling!" - Jennifer H.


"It was joyful, engaging, and completely relevant. I literally had to hold my stomach from laughing so hard. It is a must see, it has an ALL STAR CAST that are silly, quirky, and a barrel of fun!" - Gina F.


"This was hilarious with a really funny and likable star in Amanda Conlon. The supporting cast was fantastic and this smart, clever and entertaining show left my wife and I in a great mood and excited to recommend this show to all our friends. Go see Missmatch!!!" - Chris M.


"I really enjoyed MISSMATCH! Great writing. Yay women writers!!!!

Great directing, the cast was solid." - Jodi S.


"Such a great show!! Fun and light-hearted with a great message in the end. See this show!" - Adam W.


"So fun!!! I cracked up almost the whole time, choreography was especially funny. What a great show and time we had!!! Go see this show!!!"

- Erica F.


"I loved how clever and sharp the show was. The music and choreography were so funny and smart and everyone was on point throughout! Incredibly smart and witty and so relatable. There were plenty of times that I laughed out loud during the show. Great show!" - Certified Reviewer


"Oh my goodness. It was absolutely engaging. Missmatch is very funny and endearing." - Mark S.


"Delightful leading lady and witty lyrics. The talented cast is clearly having fun with the material, the lyrics to existing melodies were surprising and fresh. A nice breath of fresh air that manages not to feel cynical or jaded. In fact, just the opposite." - Rich S.


"The choice of songs in this musical were excellent and had me laughing hysterically. Amanda Conlon’s witty lyrics were on point. A charming and clever musical parody with excellent comedic timing. A must see for all of you musical theatre lovers (like me) out there!" - Laryssa S.

"Missmatch is hilarious!! Must see." - Josh T.


"Funny, clever, well written and overall a great show! Definitely don’t miss this one!" - Nate J.

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"You guys are amazing!" - Three Clubs

"You are all awesome!! I laughed until I peed my pants ya’ll are so hilarious and fun to watch!!! Thank you for such an intelligent fun bawdy show."

- Amy L.

"What a great show. Great voices and tremendous talent. Thank you to the whole Bucket List Cabaret. I haven't laughed that much in ages."

- Barry B.


"Blown away by the talent last night." - Amanda H.

"Such a hilarious show!" - Shannon N.

"Still laughing after seeing Bucket List Cabaret tonight!" - Nick T.

"I think my cheeks still hurt this morning from all the laughter you and your merry band of singers created" - Jennifer D.

"What a talented group! Thank you all for a fun filled night of impressive and hilarious entertainment." - Jane S.

"We had such a fun night!" - Josh T.


"That was SO GOOD!" - Nate J.


"Wow. Such a great night! Great song selections." - Diane L.


"Bravo! All you guys were awesome last night. So glad I went!" - Steven L.


"I like your shows better than Broadway. Everything you touch turns to gold." - Ryan N.


"This is exactly what I needed - thank you for the laughs!" - Coco


"Felt like we were back in New York - just the night we needed." - Lowam E.


"Omg! Was amazing! The talent was incredible - great job! They should tour!" - Nathasha R.


"You are a force. It's a great night out at a very nice venue. Strong song material, plus the performances, keen eye and ear for talent. All great singers and performers. We’re bonafide Bucket List Fans!" - Chris L.

"The best cabaret I've seen, I was entertained the whole time!" Samanta T.

"Always a pleasure to see a lot of talent on a stage!" - Leda S.

"Such a great night!" - Christopher R.

All in the Timing


"AMAZING Show!!!!!!!" - Katie G

"Hilarious. Creative, witty and fun." - John R.

"Congratulations on a great show!" - Madelynn F.

"We really enjoyed All in the Timing. It was an impressive cast and smartly staged. Really nice work all around." - Brandon S.

"LOVED their work!" - Teo C.

"Go. Just go." - Jonathan M.

"I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed All in the Timing. Definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. Thank you again!" - Andy B.

"One of the most satisfying nights of theatre I have experienced. Great singing, great chemistry, wonderful heartfelt acting!" - Randy C.

"Go and see this show!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!" - Paul R.

"I was so moved by your performance tonight. Thank you for creating a platform for shows like this to re-inspire folks like me...I am so excited that this small but mighty company is making such beautiful work. So grateful for this performance. It is so rare to see art in this city that reminds me of the pure love and joy we all get from creating together. Thank you thank you thank you!" - Dahlya G.

"HILARIOUS. Go see this show, LA." - Kara V.

"I laughed so much! I just loved the show." - Devon D.

"Awesome production of Title of Show!" - Justin R.

"So good!!" - Jessica R.

"“F*cking genius!” - Leda S.

"I'm still smiling from your charming production of [title of show]. I want to say again how much I appreciated your precise and energetic touch with the direction & staging. It is just wonderful. Thanks for such a fun night at the theatre. It made me a little homesick for NY, but also a little less homesick, to see you all doing such sparkling work in my new home town." - Maryrose W.

"We loved it...lots of laughs...all of the cast were on point." - Heidi S.

"If you live in L.A., go see this show, it's fantastic!" - Adam W.

"Title of Show from Bucket List Theatre is fantastic!!...unique and fun!" - Josh T.

"Congrats to the whole cast of this wonderful production." - Jonas S.

"Watching genius be born in Bucket List Theatre’s “title of show”. So. AWESOME! I am still deep in thought about it today, cannot get parts of it out of my mind and that is a testament not only to how f*cking awesome that show is but moreover how f*cking awesome your work is in it. You have really put something special together with this piece, with Bucket List on the whole, and the people that you have collected to work with on it, their talents and all of your rawness and beauty for living a creative life." - Jason L.

Pageant Play

"It's a rare treat to see a play where every performance is stellar. Go see this show!!!" - Adam W.

"Hysterical, I loved it!" - Adam K.

"So, so good!" - Michael S.

"Where did you find this play?! It's awesome!" - Josh T.

"We loved it!" - Todd G.

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